Candida Royalle Fantasies

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23-09-2022, 10:09
Studio LBO
Video Description: Candida Royale is one erotica superstar you cant get enough of, and heres your chance to get all of her. Candida, in all her fantasies, come to life in full color and vivid sound. Youll think youre right in the room with her. Lie back and watch as Candida strips off her jumpsuit and gives her all to Dan and Terry in their bathtub. Maybe youll squirm a little as you watch her with two girlfriends, trying on lingerie and then trying it off. Theres another all girl scene in front of a fireplace and then the same girls hit the beach and attack their neighbor. Ed. Hes ready for them though, and youll wish you were in his shoes (if he wore any) when he gives it to both of them. Candida however you want her. A full-length videotape for your viewing pleasure.